For nearly three decades, Bon Jovi have steadfastly earned their reputation as Ambassadors of American rock ‘n’ roll, performing for more than 34 million fans and selling more than 125 million albums around the globe. Along the way, the New Jersey-based quartet – lead singer Jon Bon Jovi, guitarist Richie Sambora, keyboardist David Bryan, and drummer Tico Torres - have racked up a stellar resume of career highlights and accomplishments. 
Beginning with their 1986 breakthrough album Slippery When Wet and back-to-back Number One songs “You Give Love A Bad Name” and “Livin’ On A Prayer”, Bon Jovi’s unique blend of straight up rock ‘n’ roll and lyrics which speak directly to fans’ lives have made the band a mainstay on the charts worldwide. A phenomenon in the mid-eighties, Bon Jovi bucked labels and defied the music industry to not only survive but thrive in the ‘90s, emerging in 2000 with the hit single “It’s My Life” which ushered in a decade of unprecedented popularity and success in the band’s career, including a Grammy Award for the #1 hit single 2005’s “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” Led by charismatic front man and namesake Jon Bon Jovi, the band has cultivated a devoted fan base energized by the Bon Jovi’s legendary live performances. Part jukebox-come-to-life, part rock ‘n’ roll revival tent, a Bon Jovi concert is a marathon performance of songs which have permeated the pop culture zeitgeist. For nearly thirty years, Bon Jovi has consistently released new music and toured the globe, establishing themselves as one of the most beloved and enduring bands in rock ‘n’ roll history. 
For the second time in three years, Bon Jovi have scored the #1 tour on the planet with "The Circle Tour," according to Billboard and Pollstar. This is an achievement that only Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, and The Grateful Dead have earned. Previously, the band's "Lost Highway Tour" was named the #1 tour of 2008. AEG Live were/are the promoters of both the "Lost Highway Tour" and the current "The Circle Tour." Nearing three decades of an incredible career, Bon Jovi show no signs of slowing down. 


When we first started the Lounge Puppets almost 20 years ago Bon Jovi songs are what catapulted us into the Chicago music scene.  So it is our great pleasure and honor to give you..........



She don't know me

Shot through the heart

Get ready

In and out of love

Silent night

You give love a bad name

Livin' on a prayer

Wanted dead or alive

Raise your hands

Without love

I'd die for you

Never say goodbye

Wild in the streets

Lay your hands on me

Bad medicine

Born to be my baby

Living in sin

Blood on blood

I'll be there for you

Keep the faith

Bed of roses

Prayer '94


It's my life

Have a nice day

Who says you can't go home

Edge of a broken heart

Blaze of glory

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