The Lounge Puppets are quite simply put one of the best cover bands out there!  For over 15 years they have been igniting crowds with an electrifying live performance that rivals the very artists they are covering!    They have been one of the very few bands that have maintained such a large and loyal following for so long and they show no signs of slowing down as they pick up new fans every show!  They frequent all of the top clubs and festivals So if you're into '80s Hairbands and Arena Rock get yourself out to one of their next shows and see for yourself! 

Pete Greco - Lead Vocals

 Greco’s love for singing started at an early age when he fell in love with rock & roll and we mean the roots of rock & roll! That’s right, from Elvis to Buddy Holly to Jerry Lee Lewis, Pete soaked up all that priceless music from his mom’s 45s…remember those! The first time anyone heard Pete sing was at a friend’s band rehearsal when Pete was just 15. The bands singer was sick and didn’t make practice so Pete couldn’t contain himself when they started playing Triumphs “Lay it on the line” so he jumped up and got behind the microphone and has been behind one ever since. He has toured nationally with original bands Theatre and My Hero.

My Hero opened for Warrant on part of their national tour back in the 80s and was managed by John Brewer (one time Manager from England for Yes). My Hero was also featured in Metal Edge Magazine in a story where they were predicted to be the next big thing out of Chicago and unknown to them had Sony Records very interested in signing them. Unfortunately right at that time Seattle grunge started to take off and Hair Band record deals went away so Pete decided to pursue his other dream of putting together one of the best cover bands in the Chicago area market!  The Lounge Puppets!

John Craig - Guitar/Vocals
Bill Dixon - Bass/Vocals
Jason Sochacki - Drums/vocals
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